Delivery Service

Our delivery service provides several delivery options, all of which are designed with your convenience in mind. Firstly, we can bring food to your doorstep, at a time specified by you. You can order your favourite hot and cold pastries, bread, cakes, drinks and sandwiches directly to your door. Or if you have a team of hungry colleagues to feed, we can also deliver to your workplace, and can make it a regular delivery if you would prefer. To discuss any of these options further, or if you have any questions, call our team today!

Corporate Catering

For corporate events it is important to showcase your professionalism and commitment to clients and employees. As such, organising the right spread goes a long way and sets the tone for the whole event. That is where we come in: you don’t have to work yourself to the point of exhaustion to provide a delicious spread for your work colleagues! We are able to provide an extensive range of options, including generously filled sandwiches, an assortment of savoury pastries and confectionery, all of which are sure to suit the occasion! Our catering platters vary depending on your needs, and our whole service is tailored to your budget and with the event in mind. If you have any queries or would like to find out more, please get in touch today for more details.

Private Catering

Allow us to take the worry out of your party planning when it comes to food! We offer a range of sandwich platters and assorted pastries (both savoury and sweet) to suit all tastes. If you have a budget or any special requirements, dietary or otherwise, please let us know and we will be happy to cater accordingly. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, engagement or a small get together, our highly professional team are friendly and prompt, and our bakers will ensure that the food you are served is fresh and of the high standard that you expect. Please call today to discuss your plans with our team, and to get a better idea of the variety of food we have on offer.


We bake a range of cakes and cupcakes daily, but we can also provide custom orders for celebration cakes, cakes and cupcakes. Sometimes only an extra special cake will do! You can book a consultation with our experts to discuss your ideas for your event, and then after we will design and bake your cake with the finest and freshest local ingredients. Our bespoke cakes and cupcakes go the extra mile visually, and we always ensure that they taste as good as they look! Call our team today to find out more and to discuss all the options available.

Wedding Cakes

Our team fully understand the importance of the perfect wedding cake, and that is why we take such a personal approach. Each wedding cake is made specifically for the individual, and we will collaborate together to make sure that the cake is exactly what you have in mind! Please let us know if you or your guests have any specific dietary requirements, as we can adapt the cake accordingly to accommodate for this. Many of our clients prefer to come in to speak face to face with our highly trained wedding consultants to talk through their ideas, and we provide this free of charge, as it gives you the opportunity to discuss, look at decorations and taste the cakes. Prices vary depending on size, decoration and flavour, so to get a better idea of our costs, we would recommend that you ring today and book to come in for a consultation with our team of experts.


Cupcakes are increasingly popular additions to any party or event and can be tailor-made to suit birthdays, weddings, christenings, anniversaries any so much more. Designed as miniature cakes, our cupcakes are often the preferred treat of choice for weddings and birthdays as they are the perfect size to be eaten without cutlery or plates yet provide the ideal balance of taste and topping. Cupcakes can be decorated in very simple styles with traditional icing or they can be more elaborate with delicious toppings and frosting or delicate edible sugar flowers. Our cupcakes are made with only the highest quality ingredients and always baked fresh to ensure you receive the finest cakes possible.

Birthday Cakes

We know that birthday cakes are an integral part of any birthday celebration. Why not speak to our team about making a birthday extra special with a bespoke birthday cake or personalised cake carefully designed to your exact requirements and baked with the freshest ingredients? Our magnificent cakes look and taste seriously good and will give any birthday celebration the wow factor you are looking for. Speak to one of our friendly team today for inspiration. You’ll see from our designs of birthday cakes for all ages that no idea is beyond the realm of our professional and creative team!

Corporate Cakes

Our bespoke corporate cakes are a brilliant way to promote your product, service or brand. As a company or organisation, having a branded cake at your celebration or event will ensure your name and logo will be widely seen as undoubtedly everyone will want a piece, meaning your product gets exposed to a wide audience. Usually fairly big in size, our corporate cakes can be baked to feed as many people as you require. If you have a company event coming up and would like to celebrate the occasion with a corporate cake from our talented bakers, simply give us a call today to let us know your plans and ideas and we will be happy to add any suggestions and an overview of what we can do for you.

Bespoke Cakes

For custom made cakes from the depths of your imagination or for a fabulous cake you would like us to create from an image that has inspired you, simply send across your photo, picture or cake idea to our talented team and we’ll be happy to help. Whether your idea comes in the form of a hand drawn sketch, found illustration, photograph, or simply described in words over the phone, we house the artistic and baking expertise to create any kind of custom made cake you are looking for. Whether you have an elaborate themed cake in mind or would like a custom made birthday cake with sugar crafted models in the likeness of a family member or friend, our fabulous team of artisan bakers and cake decorators will be delighted to help.

Novelty Cakes

Our talented team of artisan bakers have created many novelty cakes for a range of occasions and can make the perfect centerpiece for your special event. Celebration cakes have become standard features of any event and our customers rely on us to deliver the wow factor when it comes to delicious and memorable novelty baking. With our novelty cakes the imagination is our only limitation! Whether you have a specific cake in mind or are happy to let us know the theme of the event for us to create something perfectly suited, we can cater for your needs. As always, all of our novelty cakes are made to order using only the finest, freshest ingredients.

Cake Toppers

When you’re baking, you will want to make your cake as unique as possible. The best way to do this is to ensure that your decoration is truly personal, and cake toppers are a good thing to add to your cake in this respect. There are many things that you can choose from, and our collection offers a great range that you will be thrilled with. No matter what kind of theme you have chosen for your cake, you can be certain that we will have something that will fit perfectly with that theme, so get in touch today to start finding the ideal topper for your creation.

Fondant Cakes

There are lots of occasions where you might wish to serve cakes, and you should always choose the best cakes for your needs. With this in mind, our fondant cakes are the ideal choice. Our bakers make all of our cakes fresh, meaning that they look and taste amazing when they are served to you. We have a talented team who have an excellent understanding of flavour and texture, so if you know that you have been looking for fondant cakes for your special occasion, just give our team a call and discuss your requirements and you can then place your order.

Fresh Cakes

No matter whether you are planning a party, a business meeting, or whether you are just looking for a way to treat yourself, you will find that there is always a reason to get some fresh cakes made. They are a real treat for you, and our team can create the perfect cakes for your needs. You are sure to love making the most of all of the cakes, so if you know that you would like some for an event you have in the pipeline, just get in touch with us and we will take you through your options and let you know exactly what we can do.

Engagement Cakes

Getting engaged is a really exciting time, and you are sure to want to mark that time with a celebration with your friends and family. With this in mind, you may want to purchase one of our engagement cakes, as this is the ideal addition to any kind of celebration. We can create cakes of different sizes and styles, so you can work with us to produce one that shows exactly who you are as a couple. This is very exciting, because it will make a huge difference to your engagement party, so for a cake that you are certain to love, contact us.

Authentic Rum Cake

Choosing the perfect cake for your special occasion can be a lot of fun, and our authentic rum cake could be just what you need. If you enjoy the flavours of the rum mixed with the sponge, then you will love the excellent recipe that we have refined. All of our cakes are made by our professional bakers, meaning that you know that they are always going to be of the best possible quality. With this in mind, if you know that you are on the hunt for the ideal cake right now, simply contact us and we can bake the ideal one for you.